Beyond our deeply supportive and tight-knit community, Davidson offers a wide array of services, programs, grants and other types of student support to help you navigate a path to a more enriching educational experience.


Our distinctively supportive community means individualized resources and a focus on undergraduate teaching and mentorship. Beyond a learning community grounded in honesty, integrity and fundamental decency, Davidson students will find ample resources in and out of the classroom to support their academic journey.

Academic Access & Disability Resources (AADR)

Academic Access helps students in need of academic support with skills and resources that can improve their academic performance. The AADR office also works closely with the Dean of Students Office and other offices, departments and organizations to ensure that academic courses, course content, services, programs, and facilities are accessible to every student. This office also supports students who are requesting academic and non-academic accommodations ensuring equal access.

The Registrar's Office

The Registrar maintains the permanent academic records of all students and oversees academic activities including course registration, maintenance and protection of academic records, and certification of students for continued enrollment and graduation.

Holistic Advising

During your first two years, you are encouraged to explore your interests with the goal of declaring a major by the end of the second year. Your holistic adviser meets with you to develop a comprehensive plan beyond just your required courses食色官网攍ooking at internships, study abroad, summer experiences, and other academic and co-curricular opportunities.

New Student Resources

Explore these resources compiled just for new Davidson students as you navigate course registration, WebTree, placement exams, setting up your email and more.

The John Crosland Jr. Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

The CTL is a place where experts in technology, library sciences, and education work together to support the work of Davidson scholars食色官网攆rom first-year students to tenured professors. We offer free tutoring in a range of subjects to all Davidson students. Many tutors are dedicated to specific courses as Embedded Tutors (ET's). Additionally, students may request a tutoring appointment through the  or stop by the Center for drop-in tutoring. Support includes:

Writing Center

Writing Consultants are available by appointment to help with any stage of the writing process, from prewriting to fine tuning a finished draft for most majors and programs. You'll learn to assess your writing processes to become a better writer.

Speaking Center

Communication Consultants support speaking across the curriculum at any point of the process, from selecting a topic to delivering the speech or preparing to interview by appointment or drop-in hours.

Librarians and peer research consultants help research, identify, locate and evaluate information by appointment and drop-in hours.


Data CATS can help at any stage of an assignment or project, from translating ideas into data-focused questions, to collecting, organizing, analyzing, visualizing, and interpreting data.

Multilingual Student Support

Support for multi-lingual students where Dr. Fernandez offers feedback and targeted instruction on their writing, including class papers, theses, and applications for graduate school or special opportunities.

Math, Science & Economics Center

Specific help is available to students through embedded tutors in gateway classes to math, science and economics majors, including support with basic computing tools.

Peer Academic Coaching

In addition to AADR's resources, peer academic coaching is available to match students with other students to assist with academic skills such as time management, organization, note-taking, studying, reading and test-taking.

Free Printing, Scanning and Loaner Laptops

Beyond tutoring and assistance, you'll find at the library other free resources including scanning, printing and loanable laptops. Short-term laptop checkouts are available on-demand from laptop kiosks located across campus. Two-week laptop loans are available for students experiencing a computer emergency, and students with financial need can apply for a semester-long laptop loan. 

For additional support when it comes to technology at Davidson, you'll find a wealth of resources, services, applications and other tools through Technology & Innovation (T&I).

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development beyond the classroom. Catalyst is an initiative that centralizes resources for experiential learning opportunities including internships, education away, community-based learning and undergraduate research. Through Catalyst, Davidson students have ample access to grants, funding, one-on-one mentorship and other resources for pursuing their learning beyond the classroom.

Alumni Resources

Explore the many ways Davidson supports current students and alumni including career connections, postgraduate fellowships, identity networks, one-on-one mentorship and more.

International Student Resources

Beyond the $0 application fee, Davidson offers several resources and programs specifically designed to support international students including grants for career, curricular and academic success, as well as academic writing assistance, career and internship guidance, visa guidelines, host family matching, community building and more. 


Student Life

Davidson offers a supportive and caring campus environment for students to develop socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. The college has a broad range of options for leadership growth, social activities, and community involvement while providing for students' housing, health, and safety.

Lula Bell's Resource Center

From food and hygiene products to business clothing and cooking equipment, Lula Bell食色官网檚 offers a wealth of resources for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. The center's resources are free and available for any student who needs them. 

Center for Student Diversity & Inclusion

The CSDI fosters an inclusive and welcoming environment on campus for systemically underrepresented student populations including students of color, LGBTQIA+ students, first-generation students and undocumented students. It provides direct support services, educational programming and community building opportunities within and across social groups.

Emergency Funding & Financial Wellness

In addition to alumni gifts earmarked to assist students with limited finances, Davidson has financial resources to support those who may find themselves in need of additional finances to cover medical expenses, unexpected travel.

Student Assistance for Financial Emergencies (SAFE)

The Student Assistance for Financial Emergencies (SAFE) program assists students who are experiencing an unexpected or unavoidable financial emergency which stands to impede their educational progress towards degree completion or personal well-being.

Last Mile Fund

The Last Mile Fund is designed to financially support students so they may stay on track to complete their 食色官网 degrees. 

Health & Wellness

顿补惫颈诲蝉辞苍食色官网檚 Center for Student Health & Well-Being is accessible to all full-time students, offering health, counseling, nutrition and educational services that operate in-person and virtually. Students who have received a Federal Pell Grant may be eligible for free student health insurance through Davidson.

If students are unable to find transportation to medical appointments, the Health Center will arrange a ride. . 

Students may also wish to take advantage of pastoral counseling, free to students of any religious tradition or secular background as they seek confidential spiritual direction with the college chaplains. 

Nutrition Services

Davidson's Registered Dietitians are available to meet with students to help them navigate their nutritional needs including food allergy management, optimal nutrition for athletes, disordered eating, grocery shopping, cooking and more. 

Counseling Services

Available to all enrolled Davidson students, mental health counselors provide an individualized care plan in a safe, inclusive and confidential environment. We provide timely access to mental health services, creating individualized plans that address the needs of each student.

Health Advisers

A group of student volunteers committed to promoting health and wellness in peers, the health advisers implement campus-wide programming on topics such as sexual health, sexuality, healthy relationships, alcohol and drugs, body positivity and self care.

Mental Health Ambassadors

The Mental Health Ambassadors (MHAs) are a group of students who are committed to raising awareness, decreasing stigma, and implementing programming about mental health issues that are specific to the college experience.