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Hello there Knawty Dog Friends!,

We will be closing our shop for the month of August. Not to worry for those who have subscriptions your orders will continue to go out on time to you! We will be back open September 1st, 2022. We will see you all in September with a full restock and maybe a new item or two?!

Thank you,

KDT Team

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Juke and Cyrus are loving the pork chews. I’d rather buy treats that are good for them versus the things on the shelves. After all they are my babies. Only the best for them!

Cindy Hamm Vollmer

My dog Doc just tried the beef liver treats and LOVED them. He is a notorious foodie but I had a hard time getting a picture of him trying them because he swallowed them whole the second he got it in his mouth 😂 They are very knowledgeable and I feel so much better giving Doc these treats vs. store bought because I know exactly who made them and what's in them!! 💗 We are so excited to try everything else Knaw-ty Dog Treats has to offer and look forward to Future treat flavors! 😊 Support your local small businesses and try these treats! You and your dog will not regret it!

Sarah Lavallee

Bandit and Ms. P  don't get excited over much but when they see the bag come out they light up.

Kim Nic

My picky cats LOVE these treats! I have two very picky girls that I play master and servant to (lol) and both of them adore these treats. I know they come from a good source and I dont have to worry about the ingredients because you can SEE they're real! love this place, and my cats love the treats!

Sawyer Antle

Tedy goes nuts for these treats! With a 90lb puppy still learning to dog and be the best boy he can be, it's important to have high quality yummy treats to properly reward him! Tedy has had tons of different brands and kinds of treats, but these are a game changer for us! Thank you Olivia for such great products!

Britni Browning

Gave my Shepard’s the pork feet! Normally I can’t move my leg without them moving with me. They had them for 2 minutes and totally forgot I existed. Dove on them and we’re super excited!!! 10/10 would recommend even for larger dogs! My girls are 100 lbs and they LOVED them.

Nick Urmston